Monday, September 27, 2010

Rest and Recuperation

We are still here! We are here and thriving in the Good ole South. We've been busy frolicking the last of our summer away while Dave was home for his r&r.

It was a wonderful two weeks. Filled with so many activities. Which included the following:

Devouring juicy Amish peaches
4 Wheeling across a 600 acre farm
Folding laundry, together
A weekend of camping
Washing the car, together
Rafting the Ocoee River, twice
Attending the temple
Watching baby perfect her mad walking skills
Fixing the lawnmower, together
Watching not a lick of TV
Patronizing Chattanooga's Aquarium
Snuggling with our daughter at 6am
Hanging out with friends
Cliff jumping
Brushing our teeth, together
Attempting horseback riding, there were some uncooperative horses
Sitting down at our dinner table, together
Discovering an Amish Pumpkin patch
Rural county fair ferris wheel rides while camping
Attending church, together
Touring a wonderful veterinary clinic
Dodging a spewing baby while touring clinic (Yeah, our baby)
Stuffing ourselves silly at our favorite sushi spot

Sigh. It was a great two weeks.