Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Baby news

We've been diligent at taking pictures and video of our little doll. Not so diligent in sharing it here. We've accepted that seeing her is the only reason you come here. To make up for our lack in parenting duties here are some of our favorites.

This is right before she got her first shots. She was so happy and talkative, oblivious to what was coming.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas at the Harrell's

Though it's a little behind the times, here is our Christmas.

Thank you to all who sent us a Christmas card. Opening the mail was an anticipated part of our day throughout the season.

If you don't see yours in the front it might be on the back. Love that huge "joy to the world" card. Thank you Banana!

These pictures were taken Christmas day. So if you still don't see yours it showed up a little later and we enjoyed it thoroughly.

Bell ringing for the Salvation Army in front of Walmart.

Busted out the snowsuit for squirt. Good thing too. It was super cold and the Carhart coat didn't quite reach around me, the carrier and the baby. She slept through the whole thing. Dave brought in the masses with his enthusiastic bell ringing. While the baby worked the crowds.

First time in the bumbo. She has started grabbing things and pulling them towards her face. Her pants are not that short she's just showing off her legs. A latest pass time of hers.

Christmas day we all gloriously slept in. Stayed in our comfy pajamas, ALL DAY! With the exception of the baby who did get dressed. Played Hand and Foot, our latest time suck that we have fallen in love with. Went out for sushi, in our pajamas. Played Hand and Foot at our sushi table, in our pajamas. All the Asian women at the sushi place telling Dave he lost because he's male, priceless. Watched Avatar, in our pajamas.

We agree that pajamas and sushi may well become a Harrell Christmas tradition.