Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sully the socialite

Dave shot his first deer! He didn't have to wear his camouflage or sit in the cold for hours. Sully cornered it.

After losing Sully for a good 30 min. he was discovered frolicking with a deer just below our house. Now, our German Shepherd likes to play. I mean, he really likes to play. With anything. Cars that run him over, horses that trample him, cows that kick him, squirrels dead or alive, turtles dead or alive and dogs. Dogs that run, dogs that growl, dogs that bite, big dogs, little dogs, blue dogs, green dogs. It matters not the level of aggression he's faced with. Sully will merrily swing his tail with glee at the prospect of a new friend.

Now enters injured deer stage left. Sully happens up said deer and commences to "play" with his new found friend. Play for Sully includes jumping. Jumping on, over, in the face, on the back, between the legs, over the neck, jumping. Not to be left out is licking, welt inducing tail flinging back and forth, tongue lolling in joy, saliva slinging to the four corners of the earth, paws everywhere but the ground.

This spike buck knows not what to do with Sully. Unable to run away he attempts charging our lovable dog who in turn licks the bucks face. After seeing this distressed animal being tortured by our rambunctious pet Dave put the thing out of it's misery. Now before you go running to Fish and Game to put my husband away, know that it appeared to have had an encounter with a vehicle. The vehicle came out better from the encounter I am sure. I will spare you the details of the poor thing. Just know it's in a better place. At least it's not harassed by Sully anymore. If only that held true for the rest of us.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Oh cuss oh cuss oh cuss!

So today an old truth was brought home to me. Electricity is bad! I made our tankless hot water heater explode and shoot water all over the laundry room today and electricuted myself a couple times in the process. Hopefully Valli knows how to fix it because I am never touching it again but I really really miss hot water. And all because of evil electricity. Those Amish know something.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Someone was in a hurry

Dave's personal items are getting shipped to Afghanistan today. His arms were full as he left in a hurry this morning. Our house is in an uproar over the short notice to get the stuff packed. Thus all the gear you see strung though the house. Good times!

Sully ran frantic through the house looking for the birds when I let him out of his room. Sadly for him I had gotten then on their merry little way at that point. He silently watched them, for who knows how long, before I discovered them. A little notice would have been nice. Thanks for that dog!