Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bring your daughter to work day

This past Thursday Lillian went to work with Daddy. The highlights included consuming cookies and her first Capri-Sun, "helping" dad on the computer and trying on the helicopters while dad loaded them up. According to eye witnesses there was plenty of fawning and oohing from Dads co-workers over the cuteness.

Our little aspiring pilot.


Laci J said...

Oh my gosh, her hair is outta control. She kinda reminds me Owen Wilson in Zoolander... lol!

Coolmom said...

She is adorable and Dads not bad looking either.

Valli said...

Laci, I attempt to do her hair and she pulls it out before we're out of the driveway. I've actually started waiting till we get to church before I'll put in a pony tail so I can keep her hands off it. Yes her hair is getting crazy. It's at an akward stage.

Cooldad said...

Lilly...such a beautiful name:)

Anonymous said...

Looks like a good time had by all. POPA

coolmom said...

Your post is over a year old! Happy Birthday to your May 2011 post!!!

Unknown said...


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